AmiDog's Amiga Software

Here you can read the latest news about my projects for PowerPC based Amiga computers and compatibles

151029: New versions of FPSE.

151009: New versions of FPSE.

120625: New versions of FPSE.

120205: New versions of FPSE.

080314: New versions of FPSE.

080223: New versions of FPSE.

080203: New versions of FPSE.

061011: New versions of VICE.

060618: New versions of VICE.

060603: New versions of VICE.

060521: New versions of VICE.

060421: New version of VICE.

060418: New version of VICE.

051107: Uploaded the WIP AmigaOS4 port of AmiGenerator.

050312: New version of VICE.

050122: Ported DarcNES/Amiga and Handy to AmigaOS4.

041120: New FPSE compatibility database. Many thanks to Martin Bergmann and Tony Aksnes!

041029: New version of VICE.

041007: Created a rather empty VICE page.

040920: New version of FPSE.

040903: Uploaded new AMP archives (WIP section) with complete source.

040902: Uploaded source of AmiGenerator, Frodo, MAME and MESS.

040717: New version of FPSE.

040716: New version of AMP (WIP section).

040713: New version of FPSE.

040517: I've gotten myself a new webhost. Consult the forum for further information.

040405: Uploaded source of TrueReality and SOPE.

020515: New version of FPSE.

011111: New version of FPSE.

011024: New version of FPSE.

011021: New version of AmiGenerator.

010909: New version of AmiGenerator.

010331: New version of DarcNES/Amiga.